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Online Counseling

How Does Online Counseling Work?


Great Question!

Whether you call it Online Counseling, Online Therapy, Video Therapy, Telehealth (I could go on but you get the point) it is a way to connect HSP therapists to awesome HSP clients like yourself who live too far away from said HSP therapist. 

Many of my clients don't even live in my state (Florida)

since I work with awesome women in Hawaii and New Jersey, too


So instead, I bring the HSP therapy to them.  

As long as you have a smart phone, tablet or laptop you can

easily do a tele-heath therapy session.


You don't need to download any software or apps if you are using a desktop.  Ten minutes before your scheduled session you will receive an email with a link.  Click on that link and you are good to go


Plus, it's a HIPAA compliant (read: private and secure) online service.  Woo-hoo!

The beauty of online therapy is

that you can do it in

your jammies if you want!


  1. No wasted time on a commute

  2. No using gas money

  3. No sitting in traffic

  4. No mileage on your car

  5. Not having to put on "going out clothes" aka not pajama bottoms

  6. Getting to have your pet there to comfort you (if you don't have one just borrow your neighbors, they won't mind.)

  7. Getting to have me as your therapist (Okay I may have just made that last one up.)

Therapy with your pet!

Therapy with your pet!


Save gas, Save time!

Save gas, Save time!


Online Therapy Available in Hawaii, Florida, New Jersey

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