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I identify myself as:

 Highly Sensitive Person  |  Introvert  |  INFJ/ISFJ (Myers-Briggs)

Empath   |   Recovering Perfectionist   |   Devotee of Ice Cream

Growing up I was always told I was too sensitive.  I remember being told that I

needed to toughen up and to stop letting things bother me. 


I would always tear up at sad country songs and could never watch those sad animals in

the Humane Society commercials.  Seeing images of people or animals suffering

always stuck with me and I couldn't shake them.  

For the longest time I thought there was something wrong with me because I felt things so strongly.  

It wasn't until I found out that I was HIGHLY SENSITIVE that it all made sense.

Now I see my high sensitivity as a  positive! 

Along the way I discovered ways to navigate our non-highly sensitive, extroverted world.

I learned ways to cancel out negative self-beliefs and anxiety-provoking thoughts,

reduce overstimulation and overwhelm, overcome perfectionism, and set personal boundaries.  

It is my purpose to help YOU do the same.  


I want you to feel comfortable in your own skin

and no longer feel inadequate or like there is something wrong with you.

You shouldn't be made to feel like you have to "get over" your sensitivities

in order to fit in. 

Because I have these empathic traits, I have a good understanding of the unique

needs of someone with Innate Sensitivity.

Is that you?


Increase self-esteem

Let go of past hurt and painful memories

Eliminate burnout

Forgive themselves

Learn how to stand up
for themselves

Move past blocks

Stop the constant worry

Develop positive
coping skills

Release negative thoughts

Overcome dependency

Figure out what is
keeping them stuck

Get out of the
comparison trap

Now, what can I help you overcome? 

What problems are you ready to let go of for good?  

In Case You Wanted  The Deets:

            2011 – Stockton University (NJ) – Bachelor’s in Social Work

            2011 – EMDR Level I training 

            2012 – EMDR Level II training

            2012 – Widener University (PA)– Master’s in Clinical Social Work

Licensed in Florida, New Jersey, Hawaii

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