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What is an EMDR  session like?

Online EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing.  There is some preparation before we jump into the "desensitization"phase of the process including implementing grounding tools.  The grounding tools would be something that helps calm you down and makes you feel safe.  This would be used during the "desensitization" phase if you were to get overstimulated.  


You are always in complete control of the session.  If at any point you get too uncomfortable, we stop.  Then we would use one of your grounding techniques.  The session also ends with a grounding technique.  

Once we get to the "desensitization" phase of EMDR, I will have you close your eyes (if you are comfortable doing so) and focus on a memory, experience, or negative belief about yourself that we identified in the previous phases.  



You may want to target a specific memory such as a car accident, embarrassing moment, time you were really scared.  You can focus on an experience that was ongoing such as being bullied in the fourth and fifth grade.  You can even focus on a negative belief that is holding you back such as "I should've done something," I am not in control" or "I am inadequate."


EMDR works by integrating the left and right parts of your brain.  In order to do this, I will have you cross your arms over your chest and alternately tap your shoulders.  If you are comfortable, I have you close your eyes and begin tapping your shoulders while thinking of the memory.  You don't have to say anything during the tapping "sets".  


Keep in mind, there is no right or wrong way to do EMDR.  You are not expected to have a particular outcome or feel a particular way.  We work with whatever comes up for you.


After a little while (a few seconds to a few minutes) I will ask you pause the tapping and open your eyes.  At that time you can choose to share with me what you processed.  You can say as little or as much as you feel comfortable.  We then repeat the process, having you close your eyes, tap your shoulders and process.  


There is much more to EMDR than what you just read.  This is just a brief overview of how the tappers are incorporated into the session and what your role is in the process.  


To read an in-depth version of the phases used in EMDR, click here.  

Here is a great article in which Prince Harry talks about using EMDR to overcome PTSD.

Prince Harry doing EMDR_edited.jpg

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