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Want to learn more before taking the next step?


Here are some websites I hope you find helpful:

  What are some benefits  of  therapy?


4 Ways Everyone Can Benefit From Therapy - Huffington Post

The Benefits of Psychology - Psychology Today

11 Intriguing Reasons To Give Talk Therapy A Try - Forbes

 Could I have anxiety?  


Anxiety Disorder Information - National Institute of Mental Health

All About Anxiety - MedLine Plus

11 Signs & Symptoms of Anxiety - Health Line

 Could I have depression? 


Depression Information - National Institute of Mental Health

Major Depressive Disorder - Mayo Clinic

8 Signs of Depression - Health Line

 Could I have post -traumatic  stress  disorder?  


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) - National Institute of Mental Health

10 Symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) - Health

 PTSD Symptoms in Women - Psycom

What is Co-dependency?

Symptoms of Codependency - PsychCentral  

Signs of Codependence - PsychCentral 

6 Signs of a Codependent Relationship - Psychology Today  


What is Emotional  Abuse?

Forms of Emotional and Verbal Abuse You May Be Overlooking - Psychology Today

What are the Short-Term and Long-Term Effects of Emotional Abuse? - Health Line

How to Recognize the Signs of Mental and Emotional Abuse - Health Line

  What is Childhood  Emotional  Neglect?

      Signs You Grew Up with Childhood Emotional Neglect - PsychHealth

      What Happens When an HSP Grows Up with Emotional Neglect? - Highly Sensitive Refuge


  What isNarcissist Abuse?


       What is Narcissist Abuse? - Psych Central   

       11 Signs That You May Have Experienced Narcissist Abuse  - Psych Central 


        Signs Dad Was a Narcissist - Huff Post

        Signs Mom Was a Narcissist - Psych Central


  Could I have Low Self-Esteem? 


 High Sensitivity, Low Self-Esteem - Psychology Today

      Why Do HSPs Beat Themselves Up? - Highly Sensitive Refuge

       Highly Sensitive Person: Ranking & Self-Esteem - HsPerson


  Experiencing Grief  &  Loss 


Stages of Grief - Web MD

Signs of Complicated Grief - Mayo Clinic

 What exactly is trauma?

Emotional & Psychological Trauma - Help Guide

How is Trauma Different From Stress? -

15 Common Signs of Unresolved Trauma - Healthy Place

4 Ways That Childhood Trauma Impacts Adults - Psychology Today

  All about Stress  


Psychological Stress - MedLine Plus

Stress Management - Mayo Clinic

 Eye  Movement   Desensitization Reprocessing


Frequently Asked Questions about EMDR - EMDR Institute

What is an Actual EMDR Session Like? - EMDR International Association

 Cognitive  Behavioral  Therapy


Frequently Asked Questions about CBT - Beck Institute

CBT: In Depth - Psych Central




Dr. Elaine Aron's HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON Questionnaire


Dr. Jonice Webb's CHILDHOOD EMOTIONAL NEGLECT Questionnaire


Dr. Judith Orloff's EMPATH SELF-ASSESSMENT Questionnaire


Myers-Briggs PERSONALITY TYPES Questionnaire

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